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Thrifthouse ambassadors are social leaders. We’re building a community of dedicated and hardworking individuals to spread Thrifthouse across college campuses. As ambassadors, you'll work together across top universities, and get paid in the process.

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Thrifthouse is a web and mobile app that allows college students to post clothing, furniture, etc. for purchase by their peers. Thrifthouse connects a buyer and seller, and allows them to negotiate price and method of delivery.

Thrifthouse differentiates itself from other peer-to-peer thrifting platforms by creating private campus-based communities: enabling simpler logistics and a more trustworthy user experience.


Thrifthouse is currently only for these schools. We will be expanding to other schools Fall 2021.

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Who can use thrifthouse?

Only students at our approved universities can join. You can only buy and sell items with others at your school.

What can I sell on Thrifthouse?

Our users sell anything from single T-shirts to apartment subleases. We're perfect for low-price items that are harder to sell on larger platforms.

Why thrifthouse?

Unlike other thrifting platforms, we create private campus-based marketplaces. This means better safety, trust, and a tight-knit community.

Send us an email at for any additional questions.