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Thrifting Re-Invented

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🤝 It's Fast

Buy and sell exclusively with your classmates. This means instant, in-person delivery.

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✅ Verified Community

Thrifthouse verifies the friends and classmates you're exchanging with. Only students at your college can join.

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🛍 Sustainable Shopping

We're promoting campus re-use one Thrifthouse product at a time.

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We're building a community of students to share Thrifthouse across college campuses.

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Who can use Thrifthouse?

All US college students! If you're in high school (coming soon), join the waitlist! However, if you are interested in Thrifthouse for your business or community, please contact us.

What can I sell on Thrifthouse?

Anything! Our users sell things from shirts, to textbooks, to apartment subleases.

What if nobody at my school uses Thrifthouse?

We love growing at new campuses. Learn how you can get paid to start Thrifthouse.

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Send us an email at for any additional questions.